The Third International Conference on Advanced Engineering Technologies for Sustainable Development

21-22 November, Norias Tourist Resort, El-Fayoum, EGYPT

About The Event

Under Auspices of

Prof. Yaser Magdy Anwar Hatata

President of Fayoum University

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansari

Governor of Fayoum

Prof. Arafa Sabry Gomaa Hassen

Vice President of Postgraduate Studies and Research

Prof. Sherif Mohamed Sabry Elattar

Dean of Faculty of Engineering Fayoum University

Prof. Rania Ahmed Abd El Azem Abul Seoud

Vice Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research Faculty of Engineering Fayoum University

Conference organizers

In this section, conference organizers and committees will be listed

General Chair

Prof. Sherif Mohamed Sabry Elattar

Conference secretary

Prof. Rania Ahmed Abd El Azem Abul Seoud

Program Chair

Prof. Amr M. Gody

Organizing Chair

A. Prof. Ahmed Abdel-Latif Mohamed

Academic committee

Prof. Rania Ahmed Abd El Azem Abul Seoud

Publicity committee

A. Prof Suzan Abdelhady

Accommodation and nutrition committee

Dr. Amany Muhammad Muhammad Attia

Printing and publishing committee

Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Abdulaziz

Transportation committee

Dr. Hamdia Awad Mansour Khalifa

Social committee

Dr.Souma Mohamed Abd El Gany

Scientific Board

Prof. Sherif Mohamed Sabry Elattar (General Chair)
Prof. Rania Ahmed Abd El Azem Abul Seoud (Conference Secretary)
Prof. Amr Mohamed Refaat Gody (Electrical Engineering)
Prof. Islam Helaly Abdel-Aziz Afefy (Mechanical Engineering)
Prof. Said Abd El Fatah El Kholy (Civil Engineering)
Prof. Shaimaa Ahmed Magdi Amin (Architectural Engineering)
Prof. Ahmed Abdel-Latif Mohamed Abdel-Latif (Engineering Mathematics and Physics)


Engineering Mathematics and Physics

Prof. Ramy Mohamed Kamel Talaat
Prof. Samy El Badawy Yehia
Prof. Mostafa Mohsen Radwan
Prof. Magdy Tawfeek Hana
Prof. Hazem Ali Atya
Dr. Magid Mahmoud Kassab
Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Latif Mohamed Abdel-Latif
Dr. Karem Mahmoud Owes El-Sayed
Dr. Osama Hussien Galal Hussien
Dr. MennaTollah Mahmoud Mohammed Al-brawy
Dr. Ahmed Abdulmalek Bakr

Civil Engineering

Prof. Galal Mostafa Said
Prof. Hany Ahmed El Ghazaly
Prof. Magdi Ibrahem Amein
Prof. Ayman Ahmed Shaheen
Prof. Khaled Ismael Hamza
Prof.Gihan El Sayed Abd El Rahman
Prof.Magdy Ali Abd El Aziz
Prof. Sameh Ahmed Galal
Prof. Ayman Georges AwadAllah
Prof. Mohamed Mostafa ElAsaly
Prof. Said Abd El Fatah El Kholy
Prof. Alaa Ali Al Sayed
Prof. Ahmed Serag Fareed
Prof. Mohammed Sadek Serag
Dr. Ramadan Hassan AbdElmagid
Dr. Walid Esmail Abdel-Rahman
Dr. Ahmed AbdElazem Ahmed
Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed El Sayed
Dr. Mohamed Sayed Gomaa
Dr. Ahmed Mostafa El Kholy
Dr. Khaled Mohammed Ahmed Osman
Dr. Mostafa Mosaad Shabaan

Electrical Engineering

Prof. Amr Mohamed Refaat Gody
Prof. Mahmuod Magdy Bahgat Otayba
Prof. Esoliman Awed Mahmoud Abo-Elsaoad
Prof. Rania Ahmed Abd El Azem Abul Seoud
Prof. Waheed Saied Sabry
Dr. Ahmad Ali Nashat Esmaeal
Dr.Saber Mohamed Saleh Salem
Dr. Dalya Farouk Allam
Dr.Tarek Moustafa Said
Dr.Amr Abdullah Emam
Dr.Suzan Abd-Elhady Ibrahim Mohammed
Dr.Abeer Galal ElSaid Saad
Dr. Mohamed Hamdy Marzban
Dr. Mokhtar Saied

Architectural Engineering

Prof. Ehab Mahmoud Okba
Prof. Sherif Mohamed Sabry ElAttar
Prof. Mohga Imam Embaby
Prof. Ali Essam Elshazly
Prof. Waleed Hessen Ali Hessen
Prof. Shaimaa Ahmed Magdi Amin
Prof. Ahmed Abdala Abdel-Ghany
Prof. Khaled Sliem Faggal
Dr. Amir Saleh ElMahdy
Dr. Mohammed Abdel-Fattah Ahmed El- Essawy
Dr. Abdalla Badawy Mohamed Goda
Dr. Rofaida Mohiey Aldien

Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Mohamed Abd El Kareem Abd El Hameed
Prof. Masaod Ibrahim Mohamed
Prof. Mohamed Fahmy Ali Mohamed
Prof. Islam Helaly Abdel-Aziz Afefy
Dr. Ahmed Shaban Khalifa
Dr. Mohammad Saber Mohammad Gad
Dr. Abd Allah Shokry Mahmoud Ali
Dr. Ahmed Mohammad El Sayed Ahmed

About The conference

Here are the process of paper submissions and deadlines


Fayoum university- faculty of engineering, Norias Tourist Resort, El-Fayoum, Egypt


Tuesday to Wednesday
21-22 November 2023

Conference Themes

The theme of ICAETSD 2023 is "Engineering for Good: Sustainable Development". We seek high-quality papers that address novel problems, propose innovative solutions, or report significant results in the following topics (but not limited to):.

Electrical Engineering

AI foundations and theories - AI applications and systems - Machine learning algorithms and models - Deep learning and neural networks - Computer vision and natural language processing - Reinforcement learning and multi-agent systems - Explainable AI and ethical AI - AI for social good and sustainable development - Cloud Computing - Bioinformatics - Electrical machines and modern drive systems - Control and measurement of electrical power systems - New and renewable energy systems and their connection to electricity networks - Applications of artificial intelligence in electrical power systems - Integration of energy grids and Smart grids - Sustainable mobility

Architectural Engineering

IT applications in urban planning and architectural design - Future studies in Architecture and Urbanism - Building Technology and modern architectural application - Urban sustainability and green design - Theory and practice in the Egyptian Architecture and Urbanism

Civil Engineering

Sustainable Building and infrastructure Planning, Design and Technological Innovation - Sustainability in Pavement Materials and Design - Innovative Developments in Advanced Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Environment - Sustainable Composite Materials Technologies - Sustainable Construction Materials and Technology - Sustainable Water Resources Technology and Management - Sustainable building and infrastructure assessment - Smart and digital technologies for civil engineering sustainability - Environmental Impact of the Construction Industry - Green Concrete Technology - Recycling Waste into Construction Materials

Production and mechanical design engineering

Advanced Materials: Design, Processing, Characterization and Applications - Dynamics, Vibration, and Control - Advanced Manufacturing Technology - Composite and Smart Materials - Robotics and Mechatronics Systems - Solid Mechanics - Tribology

Engineering Mathematics & Physics department

Physics - Semiconductors - Nuclear Physics. - Optical Physics. - Mathematics. - Mechanics

Important dates and submit

Here are the process of paper submissions and deadlines

Accepted papers will be published into the conference proceeding. Selected papers will be submitted to Journal of Engineering Sciences Fayoum university- faculty of engineering . This journal is recognized by Supreme Council of Universities (SCU)

Selected papers of ICAETSD-2023 will be published in the SCOPUS INDEXED journals based on quality, suitability, similarity index and recommendations of conference committee and subject to journal editorial and review policies.


Important Dates

Submission of full paper 25-August-2023

Paper acceptance 5-September-2023

Camera ready paper 15-September-2023

Posters and presentations 5-November-2023

Publication Opportunity

Selected conference papers will be published in special/regular issue of IJMST/Scopus indexed journals associated with the conference. Associated journals will allocate a special/regular issue.

International Journal of Membrance Science and Technology

the publishing fees in the journal is independent of the conference and according to the journal policy.
International Journal of Membrance Science and Technology

Advances in Science and Technology

the publishing fees in the journal is independent of the conference and according to the journal policy.
International Journal of Membrance Science and Technology

Fayoum University Journal of Engineering

The publishing fees in the journal is included in the conference fees and according to the journal reviewing policy.
International Journal of Membrance Science and Technology

ISSN print 2537-0626
ISSN web 2537-0634

Request to register as reviewer

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External Reviewers List

Reviewers have been listed alphabetically

Prof.Abdelazim Negm,Zagazig University, Egypt
Prof.Adel Abd Elbaset,Minia University, Egypt
Prof.Ahmed Elkady,Azhar university, Egypt
Prof.Ahmed ElQattan,Azhar University, Egypt
Prof.Ahmed Godat,Ajman University,UAE
Prof.Ahmed Helal Mohamed,Assiut University, Egypt
Prof.Ahmed Madian,Nile University NU, Egypt
Prof.Ahmed Mounir Soliman,Alex University, Egypt
Prof.Ahmed H. Radwan,Faculty of Fine Arts Helwan University, Egypt
Prof.Ahmed Radwan,Nile University NU,Egypt
Prof.Ahmed Reda Abdin,Cairo University, Egypt
Prof.Ahmed Saad khalil,E-JUST,Egypt
Prof.Ahmed Tawfic,MTC,Egypt
Prof.Alaa El Din Adel El Alfy,Faculty of Fine Arts Alexandria University, Egypt
Prof.Amaal Aldeberky,Minia university, Egypt
Prof.Asoliman Awad,University of Sharjah,UAE
Prof.Ayman Abdel Hamid,Benha University, Egypt
Prof.Ayman Othman,BUE The British University in Egypt, Egypt
Prof.Azza Sobhi Elsakka,Tanta University, Egypt
Prof.Bilal El-Ariss,United Arab Emirates University,UAE
Prof.Dalia Eldardiry,Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, KSA
Prof.Elsadek Mansour Heikal,Zagazig University, Egypt
Prof.Emad El Sherbiny,Cairo University, Egypt
Prof.Emad ElHout,Faculty of Engineering, Damanhour University, Egypt
Prof.Eman Ahmed,Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt
Prof.Eman Ahmed Eid,Menoufia University, Egypt
Prof.Eslam Nazmy,Benha university, Egypt
Prof.Fatma elzahraa Eid,Menoufia University, Egypt
Prof.Fatma Mostafa Elnekhaily,Helwan University, Egypt
Prof.Gehan Ahmed Elsayed,Damanhour university, Egypt

Prof.Gehan Ibrahim,Damanhour university, Egypt
Prof.Hala Elsayed Elbishbishy,Onaizah Colleges, KSA
Prof.Hatem Eltaweel,Faculty of Fine Arts Alexandria University, Egypt
Prof.Heba Aly Saudi,Azhar university, Egypt
Prof.Heba Mahrous Ali,Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology, Egypt
Prof.Hector Carrillo,Autonomous University of Zacatecas,Mexico
Prof.Hilal El Hassan,United Arab Emirates University,UAE
Prof.Hisham Mahmoud Aref,MSA University, Egypt
Prof.Hossam Eldin Ibrahim,Housing and Building National Research Center HBRC, Egypt
Prof.Hussein Elshanawany,Zagazig University, Egypt
Prof.Indjy Shawket,Heliopolis university, Egypt
Prof.Islam Elghonaimy,University of Bahrain,BAHR
Prof.Ismail Ahmed Amer,Faculty of Fine Art ElMinia University, Egypt
Prof.Khaled Dewidar,BUE The British University in Egypt, Egypt
Prof.Khloud ElDamshiry,BUE The British University in Egypt, Egypt
Prof.Laila Khodeir,Ain Shams University, Egypt
Prof.Maha Ibrahim,Misr University for Science and Technology, Egypt
Prof.Mahmoud Taha,Helwan University, Egypt
Prof.Mai Wahba Madkour,Tanta University, Egypt
Prof.Mamdouh Mahmoud Eissa,CMRDI, Egypt
Prof.Manal Yehia,H.l.E Shorouk Academy, Egypt
Prof.Marwa Kamer eldawla,Tanta University, Egypt
Prof.Moataz Tolba,H.l.E Shorouk Academy, Egypt
Prof.Mohamed Abdel Salam,Ain Shams University, Egypt

Prof.Mohamed Abdelbaky Ibrahim,Ain Shams University, Egypt
Prof.Mohamed Abdel-kader,Cairo University, Egypt
Prof.Mohamed Abdelmegeed,Helwan University, Egypt
Prof.Mohamed Alaa Mandour,Helwan University, Egypt
Prof.Mohamed Esmat Elattar,BUE The British University in Egypt, Egypt
Prof.Mohamed Fikry,Effat University,KSA
Prof.Mohamed Hesham Seoudy,Faculty of Fine Arts Alexandria University, Egypt
Prof.Mohamed Meselhy,Al Taif University,KSA
Prof.Mohanad Elagamy,Minia University, Egypt
Prof.Nader Ibrahem Ismael,Suez canal universty, Egypt
Prof.Nebil Achour,Anglia Ruskin University,UK
Prof.Nebil Achour ,ARU,UK
Prof.Nesreen Fathy Abdelsalam,Helwan University, Egypt
Prof.Noha Nabil,Helwan University, Egypt
Prof.Ossama Abdou,Misr international university (MIU), Egypt
Prof.Randa Reda Kamel,Helwan University, Egypt
Prof.Rania El Messeidy,MSA University, Egypt
Prof.Rania Ismail,Helwan University, Egypt
Prof.Riham Faragallah,Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA), Egypt
Prof.Sahar Mohsen Resk,Beni-Suef University, Egypt
Prof.Sherif Desouky,Zagazig University, Egypt
Prof.Usama Konbr,Tanta University, Egypt
Prof.Usama Nassar,Suez Canal University, Egypt
Prof.Vitta Ibrahim,Pyramids Higher Institute (P.H.I.) for Engineering and Technology, Egypt
Prof.Walaa Hanafi,Pyramids Higher Institute (P.H.I.) for Engineering and Technology, Egypt
Prof.Zeinab Feisal,Benha university, Egypt

Event Speakers

Here are some of our speakers

Speaker 1

Prof. Galal Mostafa Saeed

Professor, Fayoum University, Former Minister of Transport, Former Governor of Cairo & Fayoum

Speaker 2

Prof. Hany Mahfouz Helal

Professor - Coordinator of Scan Pyramids project Former Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research UNESCO Chairholder on Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage Cairo University – Faculty of Engineering

Speaker 3

Prof. Ahmed Abdallah

Professor of Urban planning, Dean of Giza Institute For Engineering &Technology

Speaker 2

Prof. Heba Saleh

Chairwoman at Information Technology Institute (ITI), Egyptian Ministry of Communication and Technology (MCIT)

Speaker 4

Dr. Kamal Mostafa

Chairman of Chemicals for Modern Building, CMB

Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule

Engineering for Good: Sustainable Development.


Download the conference program.

Schedule 1
Schedule 2
Schedule 3
Schedule 1
Schedule 2
Schedule 3

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

Norias Tourist Resort, El-Fayoum

A new tourist refuge for the people of the governorate , the social center of Fayoum University, located on the banks of Lake Qarun, and opens its doors to receive faculty members and university workers, along with the people of the governorate, and has become a wonderful place for weekend breaks in addition to holidays and official events. With reduced fees and receives more than 600 visitors per day.


Her are some nearby hotels

Hotel 1

The Auberge Tourist Hotel

0.7 kms from the Venue

Hotel 2

The Armed Forces Hotel

2.6 kms from the Venue

Hotel 3

Norias Tourist Resort

0 kms from the Venue



Registration fees

For Egyptians :

Participation with paper 2000 L.E
Any Additional paper 1500 L.E/ each
Participation without paper 1000 L.E
Graduate student papers 1000 L.E

For Foreigners :

Participation with paper 200 $

N.B: Any costs for accommodation or additional touristic visits or fees transfer payment are excluded out of the Conference registration fees mentioned above .


Contact Us

ICAETSD 2023 Info desk.


Fayoum university, Kyman farys, El-Fayoum, Egypt

Phone Number

+2 084 6334816